About the ride

The Tour Pacific is an annual event from Vancouver to Calgary via Kamloops, Jasper and Banff. Organized by Cycle Canada, it’s two weeks of bicycle touring and camping in some very remote and scenic areas of the Rockies.

There are 19 other cyclists participating this year, all of whom I am meeting for the first time. Our average distance per day is 115 km and our longest day is 165 km. The total distance of this route is 1380 km.


6 Responses to About the ride

  1. Carla says:

    Hey Lynn – this is fantastic, can’t wait to hear about your daily journey, and see some photos! Yeah, I love the Westjst announcements too. hilarious.

  2. Cathy Adams says:

    Hi Lynn – Have fantastic ride!

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi there. I am planning on doing I bike trip Vancouver to Calgary this Summer. And I was just wondering what we’re the routes you took to complete the trip

  4. This has been a long dream of mine, and today during a web search I found this blog. Still I don’t know how I can pull this off, but will try to make some plans for this year. Thanks for the blog and if you don’t mind, do you know which routes you guys too. I am not a long distance cyclist, but I am a runner and in good fitness. How challenging is this?

    • Lynn says:

      Glad you found the blog helpful! If you do get a chance to go, it’s an adventure you’ll always remember. I think the route may have changed slightly in the past few years. The tour details are listed here: http://www.cyclecanada.com/Tour_Pacific.html

      If you’re relatively fit to begin with you should manage just fine. Cycle Canada will send you a training guide when you register to help you build up to 160 km (with a well-deserved rest the next day). The hardest part about the tour for me was getting used to that kind of distance day after day after day. Even so, once the first week is behind you you’ll feel a whole lot stronger. It’s amazing how adaptable our bodies can be, and I don’t mean just physically. Most of what makes this tour so challenging is psychological. You’re not only training your legs and lungs; you’re training your mind to stay positive regardless of external factors like wind, rain, hills and extreme heat.

      Let me know if you have any more questions (@LynnMcLellan on twitter) or you can speak to the friendly folks at Cycle Canada, 800-214-7798. Have an awesome trip!

  5. Mike says:

    Aloha Everyone,
    I plan to start my Vancouver to Boston trip on 7/20/16 with this leg.
    Looking for others that might want to ride (part of the trip) with me. Self organized tour. I am my own support 😉


    Estimated daily average around 150km/d

    Member or Warmshowers.org

    Would love to hear from you.

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