Day 10 | July 7 | Rest Day in Jasper

The campground is pleasantly silent through the night. For the first time there are no trains, no saw mills, and no busy highways within earshot. If I could just patch my air mattress (which has had an unfixable leak since day 2), I’d be sleeping like a log.

At 8:30 I take a cab downtown with Elaine, Anna, Prisca and David. A number of the others are cycling into town, but I’m holding firm to my no-biking-on-a-rest-day rule. Our first destination is the laundromat to get everything washed and ready for the third and final segment of the trip.

From there, we part ways – some go back to the campground, some go to the bike shop, and some just wander. There are lots of ways to put in time in Jasper, and since we’re all meeting for dinner at 6, I figure I might as well stick around.

Nutters, a health food store, is a short walk from the bike shop and carries a good assortment of wheat-free options. And Cafe Mondo, which makes a nice lentil soup, gives me a chance to catch up on my writing.

I spend the rest of the afternoon walking, reading, eating, people watching and having sidewalk conversations with others in our group.

Tonight we’re all meeting at Earl’s, the same chain we went to in Kamloops (which, strangely, seems like weeks ago).

Just four days of cycling to go, and lots of hills between here and Calgary.

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