Day 6 | July 3 | Rest Day in Kamloops

It feels great to sleep in until 6:30 this morning. With no sense of urgency to go anywhere, my day involves lots of eating and… not much else, come to think of it.

Each residence room has a microwave, so I start with a big bowl of hot quinoa flakes and fruit.

Then I join some of the others at 8 a.m. for a walk to Tim Hortons.

Harold and I manage to catch the last set of the Wimbledon final, then I do a Superstore run for some spinach, carrots and sweet potato. The blueberries, watermelon and chickpeas also look too good to pass up. I’ve really been craving vegetables more than anything lately. They’re my favourite for post-workout recovery.

Not long after that, the same group of us go for lunch at Lynx’s Grill. Their veggie pizza really hits the spot.

My stash of wheat-free oats is running low, so Travis and I walk to a nearby health food store and stock up. I wish we had one of these at home!

A little later on, David offers to give a lesson to all of us on how to very quickly change a flat tire. Not only is he an accomplished bike racer, but he’s also the mechanic in the group. We’re lucky to have him.

At 6 p.m. the whole parade goes to Earl’s down the street for another meal. We’ll be covering a lot of distance over the next few days. We need all the fuel we can get.

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7 Responses to Day 6 | July 3 | Rest Day in Kamloops

  1. AlanM says:

    The book could be titled, “It’s Not About the Eating. Really!”

  2. AlanM says:

    Who’s got the prize so far for the best “Road Thrill” … most interesting item found along the shoulder?

  3. Carla says:

    hey Lynn – I’m pretty dumbstruck on what you are accomplishing…on a BIKE!! I’ve driven these routes a few times (in a CAR!!!) …this is no amateur trek.
    I love the photos, and the commentary….and the forthcoming ‘I survived…” t-shirts!
    Ride Safe…Carla

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks Carla! Glad you’re enjoying it. It seems to be going so fast – I’m trying to soak it up while I can!

  4. David McLellan says:

    Lynn, let us know what day and what campground you will be at in Lake Louise/Banff and we will catch up with you.

    • Lynn says:

      Pretty sure it’s Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff the night of July 10. Not sure which one in Louise. Will keep you posted.

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